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Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci. I disegni e della sua cerchia nella Biblioteca Reale di Torino. Ed. by Carlo Pedretti. 23 colour plates specified on both sides (17¾ × 12⅜ in [45 × 31.5 cm]) + commentary vol. with catalogue (17⅝ × 12⅜ in [44.7 × 31.5 cm], 136 pp. on laid paper, several sketches + 130 ills., several leaf-sized. Orig. boards with Fabriano wrappers). Con la riproduzione integrale dell’opera inedita

Disegni d’Architettura militare

with the autograph explanations by Giuseppe François + Luigi Ferrario, Milan 1840 (Ms. Saluzzo 312, 17 × 12½ in [43.3 × 31.7 cm]). Flying leaf with note of donation to Ferdinand of Savoy, Duke of Genoa from 1843 + library stamp, 2 ll. title + table of plates, 44 pp. + 5 not numbered interleaves I-V (VI as page 35 included into pagination). With

46 plates

foremost war machinery, complemented by fortifications,

that are mounted in the manuscript, two of which folded twice. The orig. boards blind stamped on both sides, overall gilt and with title + library plates, bearing the ex-libris of Cesare Saluzzo on the inside reproduced as illustration. Facsimile edition in two parts in the original size as definitive edition. 1990. In darkbrown orig. leather case with ornamental raised bands and gilt title on back.

Edizione Nazionale. – One of 998 copies plus XXV outside the trade. – Titles – incl. imprint and testate of edition as loose double leaf – in red & black.

Containing with the Codex Turin the complete Leonardo material brought together by Carlo Alberto of Savoy about 1840, including an addition to the “Flight of Birds”, the famous self portrait and a study for the “Madonna of the Grotto”, qualified by Berenson as “the most beautiful drawing of the world”,

and together with the CODEX SALUZZO the


though formed at the same time was recovered only short time ago.

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