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Frequently Answered Questions

“ It’s a pleasure dealing with you ” :
What customers all the world over say about niemeyer’s

What does “EUR” or “Euro” mean?

EUR is the currency shortcut for the artificial European currency called “Euro”. At current exchange rate EUR 1 is about US$ 1.21.

What are “export prices”?

For items over EUR 250 shipped out of the European Union (EU) a discount of 5% off the regular price is deducted. This reduced export price is usually quoted beside the regular price. Within the European Union the regular price applies.

Prices in different currencies: which one applies?

Principally only prices quoted in euro (EUR) apply and invoices are made out in euro.

For the convenience of the visitors of our website, however, frequently prices are additionally quoted in the visitor’s home currency and/or in US$. This serves informational purposes only though and the correctness of the applied exchange rates is not guaranteed. Also exchange rates may change until the time of actual payment made or the client’s bank may apply further charges.

“Price on Application (POA)”

The character of the objects presented here, in many cases highly individual or even unique, hardly makes it helpful to quote a price in each case. For quite irrespective of this, undifferentiating comparison leads to misinformation. But that is just contrary to our expectations on the internet. In these cases please get in touch with us for a complete description along with the quote. And, if necessary, ask for all the details elsewhere, too. This way you will not simply buy cheap but really worth the money. A maxim having proved to be true for myself on and on for now 25 years. It’s the best advice I can pass on to you. For I myself owe it to the legendarily rich, and hence very cautious, American banker J. Pierpont Morgan, “one of the greatest collectors of all times.

He did not want to buy cheap , but good value ,

and purchased only the best which was offered to him ”

(Löffler-Kirchner, Lexikon des Gesamten Buchwesens, vol. II, p. 485). Do it just like the banker! Compare the qualities here with any would-be bargains elsewhere. And then make your choice! I’m sure I can help also you to greater satisfaction.

Can one talk about prices?

Every customer has the certainty with us to be served at fixed, non-negotiable prices, irrespective of who he is and from where he comes. From the beginning this was one of the principle pillars of the business policy here and at the same time one base for long-term trust. For this way the pleasure about a purchase is not spoiled by the subliminally perpetually gnawing question whether one should not have asked, should not have negotiated harder, whether someone else could not have purchased the item at even less. But ultimately such a customarily “granted” reduction would have to flow into the calculation from the first – with an additional safety margin. And therefore at the customer’s ultimate detriment. This then also would make such dealings a matter of temper, and bargaining just is not our cup of tea. Always bearing in mind that trust is hard to earn, but easily wasted. And that the viewpoint here meanwhile held good for by now almost three decades.

What does “Inscribed:” mean?

For prints the reference to inscriptions like name, date, and designation is always understood as being “in the plate, in the block, in the stone”. The addition “autograph” or “in writing” signalizes an inscription in handwriting etc. both with prints as with originals like drawings & paintings.

What do the format specifications mean?

Format specifications – always height before width and usually measured on horizontal and vertical center position resp. – refer to

  1. manuscripts, paintings, drawings: the total format exclusive of possible bindings or framings;
  2. engravings and their different techniques: the format of the plate (platemark to platemark);
  3. woodcuts, wood and steel engravings, lithographs: the format of the subject together with possible text.

Measures are usually in centimeters (cm), drawings in millimeters (mm) however, with 10 mm = 1 cm = 0.3937 inches.

Using images for publications and other projects

The copyright at all texts and images on this website in both printed and electronic form rests exclusively and inalianably with jan hendrik niemeyer. In any case any use by a third party therefore requires the permission of jan hendrik niemeyer. Please see Licensing Images.

Estimates and appraisals

We buy and sell, and in case something is on offer we are interested in we may make an offer you can compare with offers by third parties, but we do not do estimates and appraisals of any kind. For these you should turn to a sworn expert. In Germany the Chambers of Commerce can name one near you, in other countries you may have to inquire with other legal or public authorities. Besides, given the nature of the objects we deal with without actually laying eyes on the respective item any utterance about its potential value would not be serious business.

Sharing new knowledge about objects purchased here

In line with our policy of business corroborated from the beginning again and again we not only provide any interested party in customarily full, frequently quite comprehensive descriptions with all relevant knowledge available here at the time of the offer and sale resp., but also gladly and without having to be asked share new knowledge with the purchaser, even still decades later.

Information on third party offers

It always has been usage here not to comment offers by third parties as we regard this – though it might be customary elsewhere – as dishonest. This aside any such utterance without actually laying eyes on the respective item would be a questionable venture from the start as getting five quite different estimations for five copies of even the very same edition is by no means unusual with objects of the kind in question here. Of course you are welcome however to get an idea by comparable objects offered here.

Information on objects purchased from third parties

It is the opinion here that the respective dealer is responsible for the comprehensive information of the client, before, during, and after the sale. Just as we ourselves in correspondence with our policy of business corroborated from the beginning again and again not only provide in complete descriptions all relevant knowledge available here at the time of the sale and always make every effort to answer questions beyond to the greatest satisfaction of the interested party, but also gladly and without having to be asked share new knowledge with the purchaser, even still decades later.