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The Grand Master of Moonlight

Neer – Schulz, Wolfgang. Aert van der Neer. English translation from the German by Kristin Lohse Belkin. 2002. 4to. 519 pp., 4 n. pag. interleaves. With frontispiece in color + 416 (63 in color, 52 of which full-page) partly full-page, otherwise half-full-page ills. on plates. Orig. cloth with gilt stamped backtitle.

AETAS AUREA XVIII. – Monograph + DEFINITIVE CATALOG arranged in winter landscapes – landscapes with especially moonlight + sun sets – landscapes with a fire – miscellanea – drawings . – With concordance with Hofstede de Groot of 1918, bibliography + indices of collections. – The


and  in  such  a  way  together  opulent  book  of  plates

of c. 1456 almost exclusively painterly items on the whole including one canceled entry and one joining two pictures each, but not those numerous unnumbered unidentified works from the time of 1694 up to 1868. Of them, each ca., 297 declared by Schulz as authentic without ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’, 333 without a definitive assessment by him, but seen positively by different rating from probably/possibly/conceivably up to substantiated positive statements/certifications/considerations of other art historians/connoisseurs, 31 being left undecided (authentic or copy), 568 copies, imitations, fakes from contemporary to later, 227 not verifiable at present, all undivided by consecutive numbering. As in such a way reflected by the illustrations, too, whose colored ones are partly repeated in the black and white part.

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