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The Horse Painter of the Golden Age

… and for All Times

Wouwerman – Schumacher, Birgit. Philips Wouwerman (1619-1668). The Horse Painter of the Golden Age. From the German by Hein Horn + Christiane Zschunke. Text + plate vol. 2006. 4to. 591 pp.; 3 ll. + 1 interleaf. With

895 plate illustrations

(110 in color, 99 of these full-page, 1 double full-page,
10 as supplemental details ,

697 b/w, numerous of these full-page + 2 as supplemental ,

88 comparative in b/w, several of these full-page + 1 as supplemental).

Orig. cloth.

Schumacher, Philips Wouwerman

CATALOG RAISONNÉ on the pictorial œuvre of this admired and favorite artist celebrated particularly for his depictions of horses with usually a white horse as trademark. For the great Wilhelm von Bode Wouwerman was one of the most famous of the Golden Age, worthy being incorporated into his corps d’élite and in such a manner among the few of his standard work “(The Masters of the Dutch and Flemish Painter Schools)”.

“ Unchanged legendary his art to depict horses of any breed in their motion, of preposterous quality the masterpieces of his best period about 1650/60, most beautifully combining the imagination of southern landscapes with the typical (Dutch) home atmosphere … ”

Divided into four parts: the first treats in detail the accepted paintings, the second the dubious attributions, the two latter ones document the rejected works in public collections as well as those lost. – With literature and catalog index, (pp. 493-540), concordance with Hofstede de Groot (1908), Moyerau (1737/62), Smith 1829 + 1842 (supplement), index of archival documents (pp. 487-491), and indices of past and present locations (549/62). The plate volume, however, for the for eye-minded person , for the one who just wants to switch off for the day’s last half hour,

a lavishly illustrated book of plates , too .

Otherwise the result of twenty years of Wouwerman research starting with Birgit Schumacher’s dissertation Studies on Work and Impact of Philips Wouwerman of 1989.

Schumacher, Philips Wouwerman

For order’s sake the following trifles, concerning the whole publication, shall be mentioned: the very skilled eye will detect a fine deviation of the high-quality slightly toned paper specific to the publishers between the quires of text volume pages 1-176 and those of the rest being lighter by a nuance. For reasons of cost a considerable stock of paper remaining from a previous production was to be used up. – The second issue concerns a human oversight that went unnoticed: the heading of catalog no. C115 on page 457 both at its due place within the text as also as painted over duplicate at the edge of the wide white upper margin.

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Schumacher, Philips Wouwerman

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