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In the original Solander box as furnished only initially !

Johann Moritz Rugendas, Mandiocca

The Grandiose Large Work

Brazil’s Prodigal Magnificence

Rugendas, Johann Moritz. Malerische Reise in Brasilien (Voyage Pittoresque dans le Brésil). Paris, Engelmann, (1827-)35. Large folio (sheet size 13⅝ × 19⅞ in [34.5 × 50.5 cm]). 2 ll., 50, 38, 56, 32 pp. With

100  colored  lithographs

after Rugendas. Full-size facsimile in the original colors enlarged with 8 ll. summary in Portuguese (9 pp.) and index (5 pp.) + imprint. 1986. Orig. h. leather with 5 ornamental raised bands and leather corners, marbled covers, color fly-leaves, as well as gilt edges in the orig. natural (light-grey) cloth Solander box (Schumacher Inc. Berne).

Johann Moritz Rugendas, Vue prise devant l’Église de San-Bendo
Vue prise devant l’Église de San-Bendo
à Rio Janeiro
Johann Moritz Rugendas, Hospice de N.S. da Piudade à Bahia
Hospice de N.S. da Piudade à Bahia

No. 14/950 copies of the ordinary edition (total edition 1050 copies furnished with the Solander box initially only). – One plate (pt. IV, 2) with two tiny folds in the wide white lower margin, otherwise impeccable.

Johann Moritz Rugendas, Forèt vierge près Manqueritipo
Forèt vierge près Manqueritipo
dans la province de Rio de Janeiro
Johann Moritz Rugendas, Embouchure de la Rivière Caxoera
Embouchure de la Rivière Caxoera

The  wonderful  suite  of  matchless  impressions

“ (which) came into Darwin’s mind again when he (1832) entered the South American jungle … (and)

whose  tropical  wood  had  impressed  Darwin  so  much …

(and) still was on his mind when in the forties and fifties he

quietly  worked  out  the  Theory  of  Evolution  for  himself ”

(Julia Voss in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of July 1, 2008).

Johann Moritz Rugendas, Botocudos
Johann Moritz Rugendas, Mozambique

Perfectly reproduced in a special screenless phototype process. – Subdivided in landscapes – portraits and costumes – manners and customs of the Red Indians – life of the Europeans – manners and customs of the Negroes . – Published by Gottfried Engelmann (1788-1839), who had introduced lithography in Paris in 1816 after having learned it at the inventor Senefelder himself in Munich. – Text in German.

Johann Moritz Rugendas, Jogar Capoëra
Jogar Capoëra ou danse de la guerre

The  wonderful  yield  of  Johann  Mori(t)z  Rugendas’

(Augsburg 1802 – Weilheim 1858) first voyage (1821-1825), which he started together with the Russian Privy Councillor and Prussian consul general in Rio de Janeiro, Georg Heinrich von Langsdorff, into the interior of Brazil to capture the peculiarities of the country. Though this connection did not last it was the beginning for his multiple decades-long own voyages through Central and South America resulting in a plenty of drawings “of highest interest. In the characteristic and natural representation of humans, animals and plants of strange, first tropical countries only few could be placed at his side”. And already the work here

“ … made the artist famous, (its illustrations) showing humans and animals, districts and the luxuriant vegetation of that country in full truth and faithfulness ”


That  it  remained  his  one  and  only  publication

Johann Moritz Rugendas, Campos
Johann Moritz Rugendas, Barbacena

bestows  its  so  infinite  value  upon  it .

Offer no. 29,055 / EUR  1580. / export price EUR  1501. (c. US$ 1815.) + shipping

Johann Moritz Rugendas, Recolte du Café
Recolte du Café

– – – The same as no. 889/950 copies of the ordinary edition in the original solander box (sic!). – A slight scratch mark of c. 1 cm in the fore edge hardly worth mentioning aside perfect.

Offer no. 29,062 / EUR  1580. / export price EUR  1501. (c. US$ 1815.) + shipping

Johann Moritz Rugendas, Voyage Pittoresque dans le Brésil