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History of Architecture & Early Publishing

Architecture – Early Printed Books Catalogue 1478-1840. Catalogue of the British Architectural Library, Early Imprints Collection. Ed. by British Architectural Library, Royal Institute of British Architects. Revised by Paul W. Nash, Nicholas Savage, Gerald Beasley, John Meriton, and Alison Shell. 5 vols. 1994-2003. Cloth. CCXXIV, 3265 pp.

I: A-D (1994, XLVIII, 538 pp.) – II: E-L (1996, XXXVIII, 501 pp.) – III: M-R (1999, XLII, 675 pp.) – IV: S-Z (2001, XLIV, 763 pp.) – V: Index (2003, LII, 788 pp.).

Since more than 150 years the British Architectural Library collects and preserves books on architecture in all their aspects, including related arts and sciences from interior decoration to horticulture. The catalog comprises about

4,200 early prints described in detail

with almost all authoritative treatises from the time before 1841, with first works from the 15th century by

Alberti and Vitruvius ,

then Vignola , Palladio , Scamozzi , Fréart , Wren , Stuart , Revett , Repton , Pugin

and a complete collection of Piranesi’s etchings .

Comprising pattern books – publications on occasion of events – price books – archeological studies – official documents – manuals on architecture and furnishings – landscape depictions – travel guides and books on travel and lots more.

Each entry with detailed bibliographic description of content, notes on printing technique and illustrations contained as well as references and annotations explaining the different editions and the history of text and illustrations.

The final volume with three (!) indices with extensive cross references, but also with supplementing catalog, addenda & corrigenda plus appendices.

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