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Charles Bell’s Arteries Manuscript

Here in its First Complete Rendering

Bell, Charles (surgeon & anatomist, Edinburgh 1774 – Hallow Park/Worcester 1842). On the Arteries. Manuscript. C. 1798. Sm. 4to. 23 n. pag. ll., (impr.). With

12 (1 folded) watercolored drawings .

FACSIMILE EDITION (kl.-4°, 10⅞ × 8⅛ in [27.5 × 20.5 cm]) along with accompanying booklet in German (Über die Arterien, sm. 4to, 30 pp. incl. wrapper, paperback) as well as separatum of Harold Wellington Jones’

Charles Bell and the Origin of His Engravings of the Arteries

as reprint from the Charles Bell issue of Medical Life, 1937, pp. 371-379 (sm. 4to, 10 pp. along with brown wrapper, geheftet). New York, Editions Rara Medicina, (1974.) Red orig. leather with gilt back title and black fly-leaves in velour-lined black orig. board slipcase.

From the copy of the National Library of Medicine, Bethesda/MD. – Printed by The Meriden Gravure Company, Meridan/CT on rag paper of the The Curtis Paper Company, Newark/DE, binding by Publishers Book Bindery, Long Island City/NY.

“ Rag paper is produced entirely or in parts from rags. Printing and writing papers are much more expensive than such from mechanical pulp … Rag paper produced on the machine occasionally is air-dried and animal sized, which both raises the price further ”

(Karl Schottenloher in Löffler-Kirchner, Lexikon des Gesamten Buchwesens, II [1936], 379).

No. CCLXXXIV/300 copies of the de-luxe edition in leather numbered in Roman by hand (total edition 2800 copies, the 2500 ordinary copies of which in h. cloth numbered Arabic). – As good as new.

“ Charles Bell was not only an exemplary physician and scientist (Bell’s Law). Already as a boy he showed an unusual talent in drawing and painting … All his life Charles Bell devoted his artistic prowess to medical research and teaching … For the knowledge of the 24-year-old it is illuminating that he already cites in his manuscript in many places a work he published only nine years later: Operative Surgery in two volumes.

Even though 1912 Bell’s Manuscript on the Arteries … got into the National Library of Medicine … it yet remaind widely unknown for a long time. Until today there was no complete rendering of the manuscript and its color drawings … (Now here) for the first time in faithful facsimile … The manuscript essentially completed – but the open ending appears like a symbolic indication of what shall follow. ”

Besides deviating from the first print edition of 1801 as Engravings of the Arteries illustrating the 2nd vol. of the Anatomy of the Human Body as also a further one, so German Darstellung der Arterien, Leipsic 1819.

Offer no. 29,013 | EUR 145. (c. US$ 175.) + shipping