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Sömmering’s Visualization of the

Hearing , Tasting , Speaking , Smelling

Sömmering, Samuel Thomas von. Abbildungen des menschlichen Hoerorganes. – Abbildungen der menschlichen Organe des Geschmackes und der Stimme. – Abbildungen der menschlichen Organe des Geruches. (Illustrations of the Human Hearing Organs. – Illustrations of the Human Organs of Taste and Voice. – Illustrations of the Human Olfactory Organs.) 3 vols. Frankfort on the Main, Varrentrapp and Wenner, 1806 and 1809 resp. Fol. IX, 24 pp., (imprint); VII, 7, II, 6 pp., (imprint); IX, 24 pp., (imprint). With

22 copper plates

by various engravers after Christian Koeck (Mayence 1759 – Munich c. 1825, 1818 according to Choulant). FACSIMILE EDITION (fol., 16 × 11¼ in [40.5 × 28.5 cm]) along with accompanying booklet in German (sm. 4to, 8 pp. incl. wrapper, 1 leaf title & portrait, 26 pp. [J. Döllinger, Gedächtnißrede auf S. T. v. Sömmering … am 28. August 1830, Munich, A. Webersche Buchhandlung, 1830], paperback). Stuttgart, Edition Medicina Rara, early/mid-1970s. Dark green orig. h. buckram with lime green boards in joint lime green slipcase.

ADB XXXIV (1892), 610 ff.; Thieme-Becker, Künstler-Lexikon, XXI, 107. – From the copy of the Württemberg State Library Stuttgart. – No. CXV/300 copies of the de-luxe edition numbered in Roman by hand (total edition 2800 copies). – As good as new.

“ … (Sömmering) united everything in himself that belonged to an accomplished anatomist, and if his position in the learned world is to be described in one word, then

S. is the greatest German Anatomist of the 2nd half of the 18th century .

‘Wholly inspired by Albinus’ spirit, his works have predetermined the path for anatomy which it took more recently’ (Haeser, Geschichte der Medizin). And in this lies the man’s greatest consequence ”

(Friedrich Jännicke in ADB).

“ The reputation of a ‘second Albin’ (Döllinger p. 1) Sömmering (Thorn 1755 – Frankfort on the Main 1830) owes especially to works he published in cooperation with Christian Koeck … Together with his draughtsman Koeck, with whom he lives together at Mayence, Frankfort and Munich, sketches are made ‘in my room, under my incessant supervision and direction’ … it is compared, complemented and corrected again and again. In Sömmering’s estate there were whole portfolios with designs showing the laborious path,

leading to the indeed classic coppers

we adore in Sömmering’s main works. Albinus is his model in all… ”

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