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jan hendrik niemeyer - since 1992 -


“ For the Instruction

of Obstetricians and Midwifes ”

via a “for Its Splendid Plates

especially Ambitious Work”

Maygrier, J(ean)-P(ierre). Nouvelles Démonstrations d’Accouchemens. With lithographed portrait frontispiece and about 200 individual illustrations on

80 stipple  plates

by Charles Aimé Forestier (Paris 1789 – after 1831) & François-Louis Couché (Couché fils, 1782 Paris 1849) after Antoine Chazal (1793 Paris 1854). Paris, Béchet, Libraire, Place de l’École de Médicine, 1822 (– c. 1827). X, 80 pp., 1 leaf contents. FACSIMILE EDITION (fol., 16½ × 11 in [42 × 28 cm]) along with accompanying booklet in German (sm. 4to, 10⅝ × 7¼ in [27 × 18.5 cm], 36 pp. incl. wrapper, paperback). Ilkley/England, The Scolar Press for Editions Medicina Rara (New York), c. mid-1970s. Black orig. h. leather with broad leather corners, shining red spine label, gilt back & gilt cover fillets as well as colored marbled covers in orig. board slipcase lined in black with head/tail edges likewise in black.

No. CVIII/500 copies of the de-luxe edition in half leather numbered in Roman by hand (total edition 2800 copies, the 2500 ordinary copies of which in h. cloth numbered Arabic), bound at Weatherby-Woolnough, Wellingborough, England.

First  facsimilization  of  this  extraordinary  plate  work .

“ For all significance which has to be ascribed to Maygrier’s text …

the  fame  of  the  work  yet  rests  with  the  illustrations .

As a whole they are of a quality as

with  such  an  atlas  has  not  yet  been  achieved  ever  before .

When Smellie (A Set of [39] Anatomical Tables with Explanations and an Abridgment of the Practice of Midwifery, London 1754; Haller II, 478) has to admit modestly, that cost reasons also determined the quality of the plates, so one can say that Maygrier and his publisher Béchet

spared  no  expense  for  the  presentation .

Maygrier first consulted several artists before he commissioned Antoine Chazal with the execution of the plates. This worked foremost as illustrator, at which he showed a surprising versatility … Maygrier presumably discovered him first as anatomical draughtsman: his work was the first of this kind which was furnished by Chazal. Further ones followed soon … What astonishes foremost with Chazal’s pictures is

the  amazing  plasticity  of  all  depicted  figures  and  preparations

which is achieved by an excellent technique of painting (crayon manner/chalk line) … which mold light and shadow and permit finest transitions … As illustrator of such a purely scientific work Chazal could hardly take ‘artistic liberties’ … Nevertheless one perceives with each sheet that here as against the ‘sparse’ sheets with Smellie and as against Hunter’s (1718-1783) utterly objective ‘dry’ etchings also purely artistic ambitions had a part – even in the depiction of ‘lifeless’ preparations … so Maygrier and Chazal have created in joint work a work which now also

marks  a  new  dimension  by  the  aesthetic . ”

From the copy of the University Library Freiburg/Breisgau. – Pages 21-24 paginated incorrectly as 25-28, which latter therefore are counted twice. – As good as new.

Offer no. 29,007 / EUR  230. (c. US$ 278.) + shipping