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Schavemaker, Eglon van der NeerNeer – Schavemaker, Eddy. Eglon van der Neer (1635/36-1703). His Life and His Work. From the Dutch by Michael Hoyle. 2010. 4to. 574 pp. text. With color frontispiece, 49 color plates, 223 catalog & 163 chapter illustrations, and 19 (4 color) full-page reproductions of documents and printed sources. Orig. cloth.

AETAS AUREA XXII. – CATALOG RAISONNÉ of the exclusively painted œuvre & restoration of the master into the “Pantheon of Dutch Art” from which the 19th century had cast him out as minor master. Unsurpassed his mastery in the depiction of delicate satin. Distinguished parties, genre scenes influenced by Gerard ter Borch and Frans van Mieris, portraits, landscapes, mythological, biblical & historical subjects are his themes. “Truly personal are his small-sized Italianating landscapes from his late period” (Bernt). Since 1695 patronized by Jan Willem at Dusseldorf he settled there completely in 1697 and became official electoral court painter one year later. The prince of the moonlight & winter pictures, Aert, was his father, his only pupil Adriaen van der Werff, the early work of whom is listed in 44 items in the appendix.

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Eglon van der Neer, The Unwelcome VisitEglon van der Neer, Judith

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