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Josef Albers, Interaction of Color IX-3

Albers, Josef (Bottrop 1888 – New Haven 1976). Interaction of Color IX-3. Chamois/Blue/Brown – the latter with pattern – and Beige/Yellow together with black text. 2 color silk-screens on double plate. (1973.) 11⅜ × 6⅝ and 11¾ × 8 in (28.8 × 16.9 and 30 × 20.3 cm) resp.

“ In his monumental textbook ‘Interaction of Color’ (1963) … (Josef Albers) condenses his theory of colors which above all deals with color-psychological aspects. I. a. he discusses in it the Bezold effect … According to comments by A. himself beside the interaction of colors (reciprocal variation or intensification), the object of these works is to preserve for each color in spite of its co-operation with others, as far as possible, its ‘own face’. As … silk-screens three or four squares each into one another appear on vertical symmetric axis. These representations obviously elucidate the practical experience that one and the same color permits innumerable readings ”

(Michael Heyder, Allgemeines Künstler-Lexikon II [1992], p. 47).

Upper corners as well as below center at the fold in the white margin creased, touching the silkscreen on the right only slightly in two corners.

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