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Woudrichem. Historisch gezicht op vier eeuwen Woudrichem. (Historic View through Four Centuries of Woudrichem.) 37 views, maps, and plans in painting, watercolor, drawing, engraving, lithograph + photo on 23 (1 folded; of 25) color facsimile plates (8⅝-19½ × 11-15¾ and 16 × 31½ in [22-49.5 × 28-40 and 40.5 × 80 cm] resp.) on varying papers. Amsterdam, Meijer Pers, (1972). Large fol. (20⅛ × 16¼ in [51.2 × 41.2 cm]). Slightly worn blue orig. wrappers with coat of arms and title printed in silver.

339/1000 copies. – Published following the sixtieth anniversary of the Bond Heemschut 1971 for the support of the Heemschut-Restauratie-Hulpfonds. – Without the foreword by Ton Koot.

WOUDRICHEM was main place of the possessions situated in Holland of county Horn: Woudrichem, Sleeuwijk, Rijswijk, Giessen, Uitwijk, Almkerk, Andel, Opandel, Aalst, Waardhuizen and De Werken.

INCLUDED besides several manuscript maps + plans Nicolaes Visscher’s Hollandiæ pars meridionalior vulgo Zuyd-Holland in shining color reproduction as well as plans and sketches of the 2nd inspection of the fortifications of Woudrichem of 1856 and 1861 resp. Furthermore C. I. Visscher, t’Huys te Lovensteyn and E. Koster, De Waterpoort te Woudrichem.

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