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Pseudonyms, International Encyclopedia of. Revised by Michael Peschke. 16 vols. 2005-09. Orig. cloth. C. 6241 pp.

Beyond the strict pseudonyms also considering order, pope, ruler, battle, birth, marriage, and nicknames, initials just as mystifying and glorifying designations and by this giving access to about

500,000 pseudonyms of c. 270,000 persons

of all societies + epochs

– not least also from sources frequently available only limitedly –

In alphabetical order each vols. 1-9 (A-Zzámbokréti) comprise the real names together with biography, profession, and nationality (in English), and the pseudonyms used including source reference, vols. 10-16 (A-ZZZ) match the pseudonyms with real names.

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