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Amira, Karl von (Ed.). Die Dresdener Bilderhandschrift des Sachsenspiegels. (The Dresden Illuminated Manuscript of the Sachsenspiegel.) Leipsic 1902/26. Reprint. Facsimile & 2 commentary vols. 1969. Large fol. & large 8vo. 34; X, 502; VI, 385 pp. With

193  ( 6  color )  facsimile  plates

+ 21 ills. Orig. h. cloth box (facs. plates loose) + orig. binding.

Largely destroyed during the air-raids of February/March 1945 the Dresden manuscript from the middle of the 14th century was the by far most complete one among the c. 200 preserved. Present publication allows to meet it once again in the original state before destruction and restoration which could not restore the lost colors.

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