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With All Five Prints

Jahrbuch der jungen Kunst 1924. Ed. by Georg Biermann. Leipsic, Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1924. 4to (11⅜ × 8¼ in [29 × 21 cm]). 4 n. pag. ll. preliminary matter, 479 pp., 4 n. pag. ll. publisher’s advertisement. With several text ills., numerous plate illustrations within pagination, the two color plates after Paul Klee (Moth Dance) & Friedrich Karl Gotsch (St. Peter)

and  all  5  original  prints ,

one of which paginated with. Orig. h. cloth with gilt title on spine and front cover in red & black.

Volume V of this important series of almanacs in a copy of the ordinary edition, beside which there is a first and final de luxe edition of 100 numbered copies, the prints of which with the addition of a further one (O. Coubine) were signed according to the colophon, the latter yet not applying to Dix & Marchand of the Stinnes copy of no. 1. – The five present ones as follows:

Otto Dix, Portrait of a Child (Nelly)
Otto Dix, Portrait of a Child (Nelly). Lithograph.

Otto Dix, Portrait of a Child (Nelly with lace collar, Karsch 126, II), full-page lithograph signed in the stone Dix 24. – F. Marchand (missing in Th.-B., Vollmer), Street View, full-page lithograph signed in the stone Fmarchand. – Frans Masereel, Kneeling Man, crying behind his hands held before the face, woodcut laid on brown marbled light carton, monogrammed in the stock F M, 4⅜ × 3½ in (11.2 × 9 cm); hand print by Otto Neubert, Public Academy Leipsic. – Charles Crodel, Boy with Fur Cap standing sideways, dreaming, Steckner 225, full-page color lithograph signed in the stone Ch. Crodel. – Jean Emile Laboureur, Elderly Couple before Villa, full-page lithograph signed in the stone Laboureur.

Marchand, Street View
F. Marchand, Street View. Lithograph.

Lithographs printed by Graphische Kunstanstalt Meißner & Buch, Leipsic. – Title & cover design by Hans Möhring ibid. – “… programmatically (the volume) follows again the well-tried model, which puts the dead beside the living – for this latter yet seeks the widest radius which the term of a modern global art allows for” (Biermann). In such a manner each textually concise, but well-documented by illustrations on

Frans Masereel, Woodcut
Frans Masereel, Kneeling Man. Woodcut.

Hodler , Joh. Adam Klein , Prud’hon , Redon , Henri Rousseau , Feininger , Kubin , Klee , Darmstadt Secession , Moholy-Nagy , Heckendorf , Munch , Kandinsky , Corinth , Sintenis , Dix , El Lissitzky , Hofer , Matisse , constructivism , Young Art in the Russian Museums and Collections , Modern Art in the Silesian Museum Breslau , The New Gallery of the 17th to 18th Centuries in the Wallraf-Richartz Museum , Caspar David Friedrich , Daumier , Steinlen , Czech Prints etc. etc.

Crodel, Boy with Fur Cap
Charles Crodel, Boy with Fur Cap. Lithograph.

Read, but utterly decent copy. Especially noted nonetheless: the partially variedly paled and particularly on the back cover a little stained binding as a whole slightly worn. Pp. 19-24 with longer slight box pleat, pp. 30-270 with first increasing, then decreasing dog-ear at the head, isolated (tiny) margin spots. All as rather the rule with not particularly frequent occurrences. Biermann’s Junge Kunst Jahrbücher packed – and still do – a punch after all. And this by no means just for the names remaining established as picked out above.

Offer no. 16,095 / EUR  490. / export price EUR  466. (c. US$ 563.) + shipping

Laboureur, Elderly Couple before Villa
Jean Emile Laboureur, Elderly Couple before Villa.


  • Ferdinand Hodler. By Hans Graber
  • Johann Erdmann Hummel (1769—1852). (On occasion of an exhibition at the Berlin National Gallery). By Willi Wolfradt
  • Johann Adam Klein. By Mela Escherich
  • Pierre-Paul Prud’hon. By H. Martinie
  • Odilon Redon. By Georg Biermann
  • Kerstings patriotische Kunst. By Kurt Karl Eberlein
  • Ein neuer Henri Rousseau. Zur kunstgeschichtlichen Stellung des Meisters. By Franz Roh


  • Lyonel Feininger. By Willi Wolfradt
  • Hermann Haller. By Wilken v. Alten
  • Alfred Kubin. By Paul Ferdinand Schmidt
  • Alfred Mahlau. By Carl Georg Heise
  • Heinrich Maria Davringhausen. By Oskar Maria Graf
  • Der Bildhauer Manolo. By Georg Biermann
  • Ludwig Tihanyi. By Ernst Kállai
  • Andre Nesnakomoff-Jawlensky. By Mela Escherich
  • Marcel Gromaire. By Noël Bureau
  • Der Bildhauer Mateo Hernandez. By Rene Jean
  • Giorgio de Chirico. By G. Castelfranco-Florenz
  • Der Maler Viktor Tischler. By Arthur Roessler
  • Paul Klee 1923/24. By Will Grohmann
  • Moderne japanische Malerei. By Martin Hürlimann
  • Kurt Edzard. By Robert Heinz Heygrodt
  • Die Darmstädter Sezession. By Kasimir Edschmid
  • Ladislaus Moholy-Nagy. By Ernst Kállai
  • Neue Bilder von Franz Heckendorf. By Joachim Kirchner
  • Fritz Huf. By Roland Schacht
  • Edvard Munch. By Curt Glaser
  • Johannes Driesch. By Walter Passarge
  • Lovis Corinths Bildnis des Präsidenten Ebert. By Willi Wolfradt
  • Friedrich Karl Gotsch. By Will Grohmann
  • Indische Malerei der Gegenwart. Zur XV. Jahresausstellung der “India Society of Oriental Art”, Calcutta 1924. By Stella Kramrisch
  • Josef Egry. By Ernst Kállai
  • Der Bildhauer Karl Knappe. By Konrad Weiss
  • Wassily Kandinsky. By Will Grohmann
  • Die unbekannte Renée Sintenis. By Hans Siemsen
  • Tsugouharu Foujita. By Paul Cohen-Portheim
  • Otto Dix. By Willi Wolfradt
  • Rudolph Czapek. By Otto Kellner
  • El Lissitzky. By Ernst Kállai
  • Joseph Stella. By Frank E. Washburn Freund
  • Alfred Heinrich Pellegrini. By Willy Raeber
  • Karl Hofer. By Benno Reifenberg
  • Henri Matisse. By Adolphe Basler


  • Die Kunst unserer Tage. By Paul Ferdinand Schmidt
  • Konstruktivismus. By Ernst Kállai
  • Die junge Kunst in den russischen Museen und Sammlungen. By Max Osborn
  • Moderne Kunst im Schlesischen Museum der bildenden Künste zu Breslau. By Erich Wiese
  • Die neue Galerie des 17. bis 18. Jahrhunderts im Museum Wallraf-Richartz in Köln. By Alfred Salmony


  • Caspar David Friedrichs Zeichenkunst. By Kurt Karl Eberlein
  • Daumier als Zeichner. Von Claude Roger-Marx
  • Théophile Alexandre Steinlen. By Hans Sachs
  • Graphik von Charles Crodel. By Willi Wolfradt
  • J. E. Laboureur als Graphiker. By Claude Roger-Marx
  • Tschechische Graphik. By Oskar Schürer