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(Kusnezow, Juri + Irene Linnik.) Holländische Malerei in den Museen der Sowjetunion (Dutch Painting [from XVth to XXth Centuries] in the Museums of the Soviet Union). From the Russian by Günter Kaiser. With

323 ( 241 in color , of which 18 double full-page + 26  over full-page)  illustrations.

Leningrad (1983). 4to. 520 pp. Blind and gilt stamped beige-colored orig. cloth with brown-marbled endpapers.

Outline (Kusnezow, 21 pp.) + full-illustrated work-catalog of scientific standard (Linnik) on, additionally documented also in detail illustrations,

221  masters  in  292  works

as an optical pleasure, too, predominantly of the golden 17th century in all its thematical facets and artistic ranking up to rare names not documented even in Bernt with generally surprising presentation of outspokenly exceptional examples. Starting in the 2nd half of the 15th century, ending with three works by Kees van Dongen after 6 van Goghs of the last three years, among them the “Constitutional of the Prisoners” from February 1890 and the spectacular “Lilac Bush” of the garden of the mental home in Saint-Rémy from the first month of his stay there. – The illustrations beside the oversized formats above chiefly full, otherwise half full-sized. Among the black and white ones two further double full-page and one over full-page. – Slightly damaged thread in the cloth of the lower back cover.

Offer no. 14,713 / EUR  82. (c. US$ 99.) + shipping