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“ One of the Most Splendid Print Rooms

in Private Possession ”

Lanna – Singer, Hans Wolfgang. Lanna Collection Prague. The Print Room. Scientific catalog. In German. 2 vols. Prague, author’s edition, 1895. With

etched portrait frontispiece of

Adalbert von Lanna

Baron Adalbert von Lanna

by William Strang (Dumbarton 1859 – Bournemouth 1921; Strang 469; “His best he has given as portraitist in his closely observed and graphically most precisely reproduced etched … portrait heads”, Th.-B.) & 31 plates mounted on light carton. X pp., 2 ll., 515, 1 pp., 1 l.; 3 ll., 517, 1 pp., 1 white l., 1 l. ills. index. Ruby h. cloth by Steam Bookbindery Böttcher & Bongartz in Leipsic with wide back and wide cloth corners with gilt lines towards the distinctively patterned covers as well as gilt back title. Gilt head edges.

Hans Wolfgang Singer, Adalbert von Lanna Collection Prague

Löffler-Kirchner II, 295; Bogeng I, 363. – From the former possession of the once Stuttgarter Kunstkabinett with their stamp and written note “(Reference Library)” on the fly-leaf. – Several of the otherwise snow-white mounting cartons above/above laterally with rather only feeble foxing spots, only plts. I&II more, thereby especially in the cover tissue paper. The illustrations themselves not affected and generally not to be overrated. – Inner cover/fly-leaf paper torn at the front joints, at the back only allusively, the inner book itself still perfectly solid. The cloth cover of the back joints each torn above 1.5 (I) and 4 (II) cm resp. just as a tiny bump in the back of I. The backs otherwise paled and upper/lower edges of the paper cover minimally (above and once below) to quite slightly bumped. – Irrespective of this fully acquisition-worthy copy of the important stock catalog initiated by Baron von Lanna himself.

Important both with respect to the stock itself and its cataloging

by most qualified pen.

Jacob de Gheyn I, Henry IV of France (Lanna Collection Prague)Israhel van Meckenem, St. Elisabeth (Lanna Collection Prague)

“ … the catalog is by no means just an index of the available sheets. It contains a lot of work which can be useful for the subject and the collectors … First there is a very great number of sheets missing with Bartsch, Passavant and so on

described exactly reasonable .

Further I could … identify quite a number of undescribed states, striking copies and the like. All sets listed in literature only in the lump I have described individually so that one can put them up according to my sequence

and distinguish from reverse copies …

To a vast number of sheets from later times which e.g. Leblanc only lists by title I have added the measures and other determinative support … Finally the provenance of the sheet is stated … Prof. Lehrs in Dresden had the great kindness to review the XVth century and also to help me with the determination of many other sheets ”

(from the preface).

Comprising 10,041 sheet, opened up by five indices: engravers & xylographers / painters & artists whose works served as model / authors, publishers, printers, etc. / portraits / miscellanea .

Offer no. 14,507 | EUR 327. | export price EUR 311. (c. US$ 376.) + shipping

Monogramist W, The Ship (Lanna Collection Prague)