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“ The registers of the bequests of the artists

belong to the most informative results of archive research … ”

Bredius, A(braham) (ed.). (Artist Inventories. Documents to the History of Dutch Art of the 16th, 17th, and 18th Centuries). Pts. I-V (of 8). The Hague 1915-18. Large 8vo. With 21 image plates + numerous signature illustrations. H. cloth brochure with the original wrappers. Untrimmed, but cut open.

QUELLENSTUDIEN ZUR HOLLÄNDISCHEN KUNSTGESCHICHTE V-VII, X + XI. – The irrenounceable standard work on the bequests of – here – far more than 300 artists and/or their widows

– among these marine painters
as Anthonissen , Bakhuysen , Beyeren , Croos , Porcellis , the Vrooms –

on which an index in typescript is included. Among these a plenty of relatively unknown ones and throughout each with biographic trailer. And for the one knowing to read all but dry material, on the contrary a suspension-charged kaleidoscope of the daily up + down, also of the interrelations between the artists themselves and even for the jurist a centuries-old reflection of his own, bouncing, today’s acting. – Binding of pt. IV slightly broken in the interior only, wrappers of V loose.

Offer no. 13,088 / EUR  639. / export price EUR  607. (c. US$ 734.) + shipping