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Fürstenberg, Hans. Das französische Buch im achtzehnten Jahrhundert und in der Empirezeit. (The French Book of the XVIIIth Century and the Empire.) Weimar, (The Bibliophile Society), 1929. Large 4to. X, 431 pp. 1 l. H. calf with leather corners and red back-plate (orig. covers bound with) in wadded h. calf slipcase, cloth covers in each case. Two sides uncut.

JAHRESGABE FÜR DIE MITGLIEDER DER GESELLSCHAFT DER BIBLIOPHILEN I. – One of 1300 copies of the annual issue to the members of the Bibliophile Society. Additionally printed 200 copies for the friends of the Prussian State Library and 88 numbered special copies for the author. – The important monograph by the famous banker (Berliner Handelsgesellschaft) and bibliophile on the French books of the XVIIIth century and the Empire equally styled and with several indices. – Impeccable copy in a fine private binding.

Offer no. 11,742 / EUR  445. / export price EUR  423. (c. US$ 511.) + shipping